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product-01Styling products aside from shampoo and conditioner are many and varied. Leave-in conditioner, conditioning treatments, mousse, gels, lotions, waxes, creams, clays, serums, oils, and sprays are used to change the texture or shape of the hair, or to hold it in place in a certain style. Applied properly, most styling products will not damage the hair apart from drying it out; most styling products contain alcohols, which can dissolve oils.

Care of human or other natural hair is similar to care of a normal head of hair in that the wig can be brushed, styled, and kept clean using haircare products.

For reappearing roots and frustrating greys, the range of Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealers create immediate rootcoverage that will delay the need to frequently colour your hair.

This advanced formula is a luxurious hair revitalizer that energizes and encourages a perfectly even complexion. For all hair types. Diminishes spots, freckles, uneven color and fine lines. Exclusive ingredients -HKC, Bio-EPO and Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid - offer continuous hydration while inspiring luminosity.
Directions: Use both AM and PM after cleansing and softening hair. Take up a small amount into palm and apply over entire hair.
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